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Paducah River Flood Facts
Flood Impacts
64 The top of the protection is reached at Paducah.
60.6 This flood will exceed the highest stage on record. Large amounts of property damage can be expected. Evacuation of many homes and businesses becomes necessary. The levee will protect most of the city at this level.
56 Many of the industrial plants upstream in Calvert City are affected at this stage and higher and may begin to shut down.
52 Major flooding occurs and is widespread on both sides of the river.
49.5 The first gate is closed in the floodwall in Paducah.
47 Property damage begins on the the Illinois and Kentucky sides of the river.
43 Moderate flooding occurs affecting several small unprotected towns.
39 Minor flooding occurs affecting mainly bottomland and surrounding low lying areas.
32 The city of Paducah starts the first pumps.


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